Zero Tolerance Sheffield Campaign

You can sign the pledge here: Know the Line – Zero tolerance of sexual harassment (

We know how hard it’s been for cafes, restaurants, hotels, bars, pubs, clubs and other venues – and for all the customers who’ve missed the chance to enjoy their services. We hope that we can build back quickly, but also better.

One of the ways we can do so is through a new commitment to tackle sexual harassment, responding to the concerns raised by women across the country following the appalling murder of Sarah Everard.

All of us want women and girls to enjoy our venues free of harassment, whether they are customers or staff. But sometimes we don’t know it’s happening because nobody calls it out. It’s not always easy when issues are not talked about.

So, following the success of initiatives in Sheffield such as ‘Ask for Angela’, our campaign asks venues to make a public pledge against all sexual harassment, sending a positive message to everyone.

Our pledge (below), backed by a wide range of local partners, also makes a commitment to treat any complaints of harassment seriously:

As we build back better from Covid-19, we commit to: 

  1. Providing a great environment for all our customers and staff. 
  2. Protecting everyone with zero tolerance of sexual harassment
  3. Promoting these values and responding seriously to any complaints about inappropriate behaviour. 

Signing up provides staff and customers with a statement of your values and the reassurance that they will be supported if they experience inappropriate behaviour. This is just another way that we can showcase the brilliant businesses that Sheffield has to offer; we care about our communities, and we can’t wait to be back together again.

All hospitality businesses can take part as indoor facilities start to reopen from 17th May, and those that are willing to sign the pledge will be promoted in The Star and on social media, given resources to publicise their commitment to Know the Line, and play their part in putting an end to sexual harassment.

If you would like to sign up, or would like further information, just drop us a note:

For further resources please see our Sexual Harassment at Work resources page here: Sexual Harassment At Work – Know the Line Campaign

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