Facts and Figures

Sexual harassment is a big problem globally, and here in the UK in 2016, the first national poll on street harassment conducted by You Gov established these appalling facts:

  • 64% of women of all ages have experienced unwanted sexual harassment in public places.
  • 35% of women had experienced unwanted sexual touching.
  • This increases dramatically for 18-24 year olds – 85% had faced sexual harassment in public spaces and 45% had experienced unwanted sexual touching.
  • More than 1 in 4 said it happened before age 16, and more then 3 in 4 said it happened by age 21.
  • Only 11% of women said anyone had intervened when they were harassed though 81% said they wished someone had.
  • 63% of women (versus 45% of men) said they generally feel unsafe in public spaces and almost half do conscious “safety planning” when they go out in the evenings.

Dr Maggie Wykes, a Senior Lecturer at the University of Sheffield’s School of Law, compiled research into Sexism in South Yorkshire. Read more about her research.

The House of Commons Women and Equalities Committee published a report on sexual harassment and sexual violence in schools in 2017.

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