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What is sexual harassment?

Sexual harassment is unwanted behaviour of a sexual nature which:
  • violates your dignity
  • makes you feel intimidated, degraded or humiliated
  • creates a hostile or offensive environment

Who are we?

Safer Streets South Yorkshire is a collaboration of local groups and individuals who care about the experience of women and girls in our streets and public places.

Woman waiting for Metro

What are we doing?

We have put together a public awareness poster and social media campaign – Know the Line – as a response to the experience of women and girls in South Yorkshire.

Why are we doing it?

Women and girls have a right to feel safe and get on with their lives without the fear of harassment or worse when they go out. You can hear more about the campaign in this video: https://vimeo.com/244386989

Who is the campaign aimed at?

The campaign targets three audiences:
  • men and boys who think it’s ok to pester, harass and abuse someone just because they are female
  • women and girls whose lives are affected by this abusive behaviour
  • bystanders – we are all bystanders all of the time and can call out unacceptable behaviour

How can you get involved?

We are keen to spread the message wider across South Yorkshire.  We have already been invited to speak at a wide range of events and our volunteers are very happy to do more.  If you have any groups you would like us to come along to, you can find out more here.
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