A busy couple of months….

The Know the Line campaign has had a busy couple of months raising public awareness to call out in appropriate behaviour in public spaces.

Consent WeekOn 6 November 2019 we were invited to be part of the Consent Week discussions at the University of Sheffield. This was a great opportunity for us to discuss the campaign with university students and hear more about their experiences. We also participated in a panel debate on issues of consent. The Consent Week is organised by the Sheffield Feminist Society and Know the Line is pleased to be supporting the excellent work they are doing.

Moor MarketAs part of the 16 Days of Activism we were present at the Sheffield Moor Market handing out postcards and spreading the message about the campaign.

WorkshopAlso as part of the campaign, we held a workshop on bystander intervention called ‘Take a Stand!’. The workshop looked at ways people could safely intervene if they witnessed sexual harassment. We were also able to introduce some great new video resources. Through this workshop we also made valuable links with the newly established Vulnerability & Safeguarding Team in the Rail Delivery Group.


We continued our campaign in Rotherham by supporting the Reclaim the Night event on 21 November 2019. Led by Cllr Emma Hoddinot and local MP Sarah Champion, this was an excellent opportunity for us to talk with Rotherham residents about the campaign.

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