Poster Campaign – Women’s Equality Party

Throughout the month of August Know the Line hosted a poster campaign at tram stops in Sheffield to challenge people to know where the line is.

The Know the Line campaign originated from a survey undertaken by the Sheffield branch of the Women’s Equality Party.  The research found that women and girls in Sheffield were increasingly concerned about their safety in public places based on their experiences of street harassment. Supporting the poster campaign, Branch Leader Charlotte Mead said “To be honest it still slightly depresses me that we have to point this up, but we do, so there it is. If you’re a man, don’t harass women. Simple as.” Thank you to everyone in the Sheffield WEP branch for your continued support.


Thanks to funding from the Lush Charity Post, Know the Line had posters at tram stops at: the University of Sheffield, Netherthorpe Road, Middlewood Road, Malin Bridge, Meadowhall and Cricket Inn Road.

The posters featured paired phrases of acceptable/unacceptable behaviours and aimed to challenge the sexual harassment of women and girls in our streets and public places and to encourage bystander intervention. The campaign hoped for the posters to spark conversations about knowing the line between acceptable respectful interactions, and unacceptable, intrusive and offensive behaviours.

You can read more about the poster campaign via articles in The Star and the Sheffield Telegraph.

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