University of Sheffield Feminist Society

On 19 April 2018 Ann, Maureen and Laura from the Know the Line campaign attended an evening event of the University of Sheffield’s Feminist Society. The event which was open to students focused on addressing the issues around consent. The campaign hosted an information stand promoting the work of the campaign, and Ann joined a panel discussion.

Hosted by Emily (the FemSoc Chair) the panel also comprised:

  • Lisa Clarkey from the No More Page 3 campaign
  • Stephen Wright of the GoodLad initiative
  • Celeste Jones, University of Sheffield’s Women’s Officer
  • Claudia James, University of Sheffield Women’s Hockey Club Captain
  • Reena Staves, University of Sheffield’s Welfare Officer
  • Blair Bayliss from the ‘Ask, Care, Tell’ campaign

This was an incredibly interesting and worthwhile event, which we were thrilled to have been invited to participate.

Should you wish for the Know the Line campaign to participate or attend any events, please email 

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