Sheffield Labour Party – Women’s Takeover

On 22 March 2018, the Know the Line campaign were invited to join the Women’s Takeover of the March constituency meeting. The Broomhill Labour branch had passed a motion on making misogyny a hate crime earlier in the year following a presentation by the Know the Line campaign at this meeting. The aim for the local branch is to lobby the National Party to include it in a future manifesto. The motion carried unanimously at this meeting also.

Maureen, Christine and Ann from the campaign attended to present the Know the Line video presenting the collected women’s testimonies, followed by the campaign slides and a lively Q&A. Members wrote personal action plans and pledges to support the campaign objectives.

“It’s important that we men aren’t bystanders when see our peers pester, harass and abuse someone just because they are female” Cllr Ben Miskell @benmiskell

Members present were asked to complete a personal action plan about what they will do if they experience or witness sexual harassment, as well as a personal pledge of how they will contribute to the campaign.

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