Know the Line interactive sessions

The Know the Line campaign is keen to come out and work with groups interested in the campaign. We can offer an hour or 90 minute  interactive workshop, predominantly about bystander interventions,  tailored to your group but likely to include a range of the following:
  • Background and purpose of  the campaign
  • Facts and Figures
  • 15 minute video about the experiences of Sheffield women being sexually harassed and how it affected them
  • Creative thinking session
  • Paired phrases for new postcards
  • Personal action planning – what you can do if you experience or witness sexual harassment
  • Personal pledges of how you will contribute to the campaign

Please note, that while participants may draw on personal experiences, this is not a session about sharing them, it is much more focussed on thinking about what you can do as a bystander in the future and how you can promote the campaign. If you would like us attend your group please contact us via with:

  • Name and brief description of your group, including numbers
  • Contact details
  • Potential dates
  • Ability to make a financial contribution to support the campaign – all the speakers are voluntary so any funding goes directly into the campaign, e.g. £44 pays for 2000 postcards to help raise awareness

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